Brand Mastery

with Ali Craig

Your brand is more than a business! It is your heart and soul birthed into this world. It isn’t just about building a legacy for you and your family, it is about leaving a lasting line in the sand that your clients´ lives will forever be changed because of your work, your product, your mind, and your heart.

That is your hopes and dreams. That is your vision. And then you enter this crazy entrepreneurial space (btw welcome if you are new here) and all of a sudden your heart for your purpose and the love of the people is somehow supposed to be boiled down into a “niche,” demographics, and some random statistics.

And it is from this random lot of BS that you should go forth and check off the elements that you have been told are your brand – aka your website, logo, colors, videos, photos, etc – off your never-ending list. Just get it done and be done so you can move on to the “real work” is the motto spread far and wide.


Deep down you don’t want to be DIYing your brand for the rest of your life (or even now.) You want your brand to reflect your love and heart. You want a brand that is magentic, orgasmic, and honestly kicks ass. But that costs $$$$.


BECAUSE you never stopped to get truly clear about what you are building, who you were building to, and why in the F*CK you are building this brand in the first place. You may love it, but you can’t visually and verbally express why let alone in a manner that attracts the hearts, minds, souls, spirits, and bank accounts of your audience.

Here are a few brand truths…

¨Your Brand Is A Relationship¨


The logo, website, photography, video, etc are all pieces that make up your brand

Building your brand on statistics will kill your sales

Just like you- your brand needs to evolve organically

Your brand is a relationship, not a transaction.

And like any good relationship, the ones we love and want to hold onto are the ones that create AMMMAAZZBALL experiences (not the whine bitch ones.)


And the biggest truth you need to know:


Just because you are an expert in your industry you´re not necessarily the best translator of your brilliance. (Bomb drop here! Yea, a mic wouldn’t do.)

That’s Where I Come In

Hello. Hola, Bonjour.  I’m Ali Craig

I’m a 3x best selling author, international media commentator on branding, national speaker, and I have 20 years of real world, stilettos on the pavement knowledge of what it takes to build a profitable, beloved, and legacy creating luxury brand. (O’ btw you are a luxury brand no matter what your price is because no one REALLY needs you for the basic fundamentals of life.)

Let me show you the exact way I train my one on one clients who have gone on to make millions over the last 20 years. With this course, I’ll:


  • Walk you through the process I do with my one on one clients and the brands featured on the hit reality TV show, Fix My Brand With Ali Craig®
  • I share with you the design secrets to create the best-looking brands that you can execute yourself (don’t be reliant upon the experts especially when you are in a pinch)
  • Besides having lifetime access to this program, the updates, and latest in social media, marketing, and platforms – you get access to me and my team via a private channel in my Brandpreuner™ App
  • You get monthly brand reviews, brand hot seats, so yes, my eyes on your brand, my brain on your brand, and my words to best speak to your audience about your brilliance


I will ensure your brand is always on point to the bigger mission of what you are building.



To all core courses PLUS updates.


My brain on your brand.


Know exactly what to do, and when!


My eyes on your brand.


Access to me and my team via a private channel.



To best speak to your audience about your brilliance.

This Is For You If…

  • Your budget is DIY, but your vision is high end

  • You want step by step guidance from idea to execution

  • You want an expert guided approach that uses the power of Neuro Human Branding™ and Impression Management™ to your advantage

Years in Branding

Entrepreneurs Trained

Featured In Media Outlets

Cups Of Coffee

This Is Not For You If…

  • You are playing business vs being in business

  • Success is not what you are really looking for

  • You want to constantly be re-branding yourself

What Our Clients Say

In short, here is what this course is all about:

The step by step process I use to build my private client’s multi-million dollar brands

Accelerated video series teaching you targeted ideas, giving you specific actions, and none of the fluff

A meeting style approach where you and I will walk through every single step from idea through execution and into how you can  become an influencer

The exact process, questions, and templates I use to storyboard ideas, websites, video shoots- everything.

A 20-year branding industry veteran’s perspective on how to find the right designers, platforms, photographers, and support help

How to build a successful brand once and never have to rebrand again

Insider knowledge on how a branding expert selects platforms, visuals, and creates an overall brand message

Lifetime access to the course, handouts, and any/all updates.

Ali´s Promise To You

I am all in. I am committed to your personal and professional success by empowering you to maximize every impression you make.

After fully executing (aka doing the work, showing up, and putting your heart and love into your brand and this process) all of the tips, tricks, resources, private community and strategies recommended – contact us. My team and I will work with you until you gain the results described or your money back.

Here Are The Logistics:

Session 1: Let’s Get Started

Here we deep dive into you: what you want, what you are building,  why you are building it and what in the world are we doing here. This isn’t just about solving a tangible product this is about refining the heart and love of the brand so that you always love your business.


Session 2: NERI®, Neuro Human Branding®, and Strategy

Now that we know what you want, let’s build a brand that:

  1. Maximizes your strengths
  2. Uses your instinct to attract your audience
  3. Build a brand that feeds your deepest needs and those of your audiences
  4. Design a strategy that is doable today and builds to your ultimate “shoot of the moon” vision


This is all about using you to your brand’s advantage while understanding the science, psychology, and social stories that drive our audience.


Session 3: Brand Experience and Product/Collateral

Let’s focus on the details. The experiences that make us high as well as get our clients off when it comes to every interaction from the social stalking to the speaking events, the client experience to generating life-changing results for your audience. This is all about making sure that we maximize every interaction to your brand’s advantage.


Session 4: Design Strategy and Experience Marketing

Now that we understand the hearts and the humans we are going after we need to build visuals that capture, inspire, and convert while creating a marketing experience that is a snapshot of what it is like to be part of, work with, and call home your brand.


Session 5: The Power of Photos and Videos

Visuals are the vehicle to getting people to lean into your brand. And let’s be honest, stock photos aren’t going to cut it. This session we talk about everything from photoshoot production, storyboarding, down to the logistics of hiring the right team and minimizing daily disasters.


Session 6: Public Relations

Social proof is what your brand needs to grow, thrive, and survive. But no one knows who “Susie Q” your client is. What your audience does know is the media- ABC, NBC, CNN, FOX, Vogue, INC, Elle – major national and international news outlets, quoting you, interviewing you, and backing your expert status will do more for your brand than just some perfectly crafted testimonial (though we show you how to get that too.)


Session 7: Photo / Video Selection

Producing a great photo and video shoot is one thing. Now knowing what pictures express the emotion and experiences you are going after – let alone what elements in your video can make it go from average to A-F*CKINMAZING – that’s a different story. But that is exactly the story we teach here.


Session 8: Writing Copy For Your Audience

Yes, your visuals dictate the verbal story that needs to be told. Here I teach you what your audience really wants to know on every page of copy. We go over how much, what type of language, and how to bring your brand experience home no matter if we are writing sales page copy, web copy, or any other type of copy. You, copy???


Session 9:- Experience Marketing

Now that your brand is built, let’s start building the marketing pieces to have people flocking to you. This isn’t about slick or ick tactics. This is about bringing to life the experience we set forth earlier. We discuss platforms, profits, ROI, online/ offline, and what approach works best for what YOU are building.


Session 10: Launching and Moving Forward

It’s go time, baby. But just because you built it, doesn’t mean they will come. (Yes, Kevin Costner totally lied to us in Field of Dreams.) But there is a way to get your audience to stop and take notice of your brand today as well as what it will evolve into. This is all about dream brand birthing and evolving (so its ok if your brand isn´t 100% perfect to your big vision. It is outstanding for your short-term goals.)

We don’t just discuss all of this. I help you master it.